We are a proud partner of Sports Angels

We understand that playing club Fastpitch at a high level can be expensive for our families. Sports Angels is an organization dedicated to helping our athletes achieve their full potential. High Impact Fastpitch partners with Sports Angels to provide self funding and financial aid programs for our athletes. These unique fundraising opportunities help give our athletes a chance to offset some or all the cost of playing for club Fastpitch!

Throughout the year Sports Angels will provide our players with multiple opportunities to raise money that will help them pay for their club fees. All net proceeds from your fundraising activities will be used to offset your club fees. Some of our fundraising opportunities will include:

  • Sports Angels product sales and subscriptions
  • Volunteering at High Impact Sports Tournaments
  • Cub Bagging Team Challenge
  • Achieving Dreams Concessions Sales at Timberwolves, Lynx, Vikings, and Twins games.
  • Sports Angels’ Art Fundraiser

Learn more by visiting Sports-Angels.com